Well, hello there.

No matter what brought you here into my neck of the woods – whether fairies whispered the location to you in the midst of the night or you’ve heard about it in a silly tale sung by a fool – I’m glad you’re here and I hope you’ll stay a while.

Ganz gleich, was dich hierhin verschlagen hat – ob Feen dir diesen Ort zugeflüstert haben oder du in dem Lied eines Narren davon gehört hast – ich freue mich, dass du hier bist und hoffe du bleibst eine Weile.

What is this blog about?

This blog is a virtual collection of all those tiny bits and pieces of me, everything my own galaxy is made of. From my heart to yours. Laid before you is a cosmos that shares all those things I love – you will find discussions and reviews concerning TV shows, movies and literature, from drama to comic books, but also articles regarding pop culture, cosplay, fashion and makeup all within the realms of various fandoms and worlds.

Stay and wander. Let’s explore this galaxy together.

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Meet Ginny – Creator & Keeper behind the scenes

You might ask yourself: What’s with the silly superhero-esque name?
When I created my Instagram account a couple of years ago, I was looking for a way to express myself in my Instagram handle. Ginny is short for my name in the real world and Galaxy seemed perfect to convey my love for everything celestial. Also, I frickin’ love superheroes, and the name feels like it would be suitable for my alter ego. After a few years of roaming the social web under this username, I realized, that this name reflects all those diverse glimmers and facets of who I am.

I’m a belletrist and mood reader, a self-proclaimed nerd, devoted forest elf and green witch, a costume addict with no sense for fashion. I worship classical literature as much as comic books, wear my fandom shirts proudly, occasionally dance under the moon while celebrating nature and build my own armor.
Oh, and I love pizza. (But who doesn’t?!)

There are probably a hundred more descriptions that fit my character perfectly, but let’s not go down that never-ending road… just yet. I don’t want to spook you off. 😉

Belletrist & Bookdragon

Exploring different worlds and watching whole realms unfold between the pages of a book has been a passion of mine since I started reading. I’m not going to deny that there were ups and downs – but overall, written and spoken language has always been part of my life. Which is why I studied German and English literature and culture at college.
On my blog you will find a colorful mix of book reviews across all kinds of genres – from prose to drama and comic books (and even a little poetry).

Find out more about my review system or check out my library.

Nerd & Fulltime Fangirl

From A like Avengers to X like X-Men: I can never get enough of superheroes and their adventures, whether it’s in printed form or on the big screen. Thus, I wear my nerd fashion proudly, love to geek out about all sorts of fan theories and await new releases eagerly. This goes hand in hand with my love for literature, pop culture and cosplays.

You feel the same way?
Awesome, let’s discuss!

Forest Elf & Green Witch

Rituals, rites and recipes: If you are looking for a kindred spirit that worships Nature, howls to the moon and sees the magic in everyday life, you’ve come to the right place. But even if it’s not your cup of tea and you’re not interested in anything spiritual – maybe you’ll find enjoyment in recipes for natural remedies or helpful tips for growing your own herbs and crops.

Learn more about being a Green Witch or explore all blog posts in the category Moon & Magick.

Costume & Makeup Artiste

Whereas I have no noteable fashion sense, I still love costumes of all sorts – and I really wish I could wear them more often (preferably, daily. 😀 ) A couple of years ago I took my costume addiction a step further and started cosplaying. My skills are nowhere I want them to be, but I’m constantly improving. Follow me along the journey and maybe you’ll be inspired to create your own cosplays.

Find a calender of upcoming conventions I plan to visit in cosplay or view the gallery of cosplay & makeup photos.